Cloud St 2016 went down beautifully

Cloud St gave five small businesses the chance to set up shop at prime retail locations across Australia. Now that it’s all wrapped up for another year, let’s take a look at how things went down for each business that popped up at Cloud St.

Cloud St 2016 hit the road from Brisbane to Melbourne – watch the highlights from this epic retail journey here.

Radical Yes! stepped up and got Cloud St rolling

Cloud St kicked off in October with Radical Yes! – creators of colourful, quirky footwear for the fashionably active – who popped up at the Queen St Mall in Brisbane.

Here’s what they had to say about their experience

“We saw a huge lift in sales and definitely noticed a flow on effect on our online sales. For the week we made about $12,000 in-store, which is an amazing result based on the stock we had on hand.

“Web traffic increased phenomenally, especially on the day we were featured on the news! On an average day our web store attracts about 200 visitors, while on that Sunday evening we saw about 600. Through the week we averaged 300 site visitors per day.

“Xero’s PR activities gave our brand a huge credibility boost. Our stakeholders definitely took notice of the positive, credible recommendations and support. Radio ads also helped stimulate on-street traffic and create energy on the day.”

Radical Yes!

Beep peddled into Cloud St, Newcastle

Makers of colourful, handmade, retro-style bicycle bells, Beep set up shop at Cloud St for one week in November.


Here’s how their experience went down

“Since we don’t have our own retail shop, we were pleased with the increase in direct sales. Our online shop also spiked significantly as a result of interest from Xero's blog post and other media activities. Our web traffic increased and we were able to convert most traffic into valued customers!

“It was amazing to have a PR company working with us and have our story featured on the Xero blog. Also, the video created by Xero has had over 1,000 views. What’s more, Cloud St radio ads attracted customers from surrounding suburbs into Newcastle to see Beep and experience the pop-up store. Our Instagram spiked over the week, with new followers joining Beep's journey everyday.”

KOKOH bikini made a splash in Wollongong

The cheeky swimwear brand certainly attracted its fair share of attention, sales and foot-traffic at Cloud St.

Here’s how things unfolded for them

“We saw an increase in overall sales for the week. I launched the online Australian Summer collection coinciding with Cloud St so there was a definite increase in interest, sales and hype. Coming into the warmer weather, timing was perfect.

“Our web traffic was up daily by about 10-15%. I was lucky enough to be featured in an international online publication (twice) thanks to the opportunity at Cloud St and months later I’m still seeing website clicks via this publication and a slight increase in overall international online sales.

“In terms of social media activity, I really tried to keep posting stories throughout the week at Cloud St, sharing live footage of the store, customers trying bikinis on, etc. The main increase of engagement was via our Facebook channels – a few customers shared photos of Cloud St encouraging their friends to come and stop by; the power of referral is incredible and not only influenced our page likes and engagement, but also walk-in shoppers.”

Kokoh Bikini

SavourLife brought the puppy love to Parramatta

Over the course of their stay at Cloud St, SavourLife made healthy sales and generated significant brand awareness.


Here’s what they experienced

“We made over 300 customer sales (equating to $7,300) and experienced a spike in website traffic of approximately 22% for the week, in comparison to the previous week. We also secured publicity on SBS Small Business Secrets as well as in the Daily Telegraph and Parramatta Advertiser and garnered an excellent response to our social media activity, with videos on Facebook being the most effective, reaching close to 90,000 people.

“And thanks to the sales we made at Cloud St, were were able to donate $5,000 worth of food and funds to a number of animal shelters, which is really what our business is all about.”

Squeak made a statement at Fed Square, Melbourne

Our last Cloud St resident, Squeak, was given the opportunity to take advantage of the busy Christmas shopping period.

Here’s how their numbers added up

“What Cloud St did was essentially give me was a whole other week of trading, during the busiest buying time of the year. Usually I don’t expect much traffic to my website the week before Christmas, however, visits to my site didn’t drop like they did last year.

“Radio ads were also effective; I had customers come into the store because they heard the ads on KISS FM. Having KISS FM at the actual store itself was great to get customers into the ‘box’ and I made some great sales because of them being there.

“I did see an increase in Instagram and Facebook followers. The images I posted on my social media were very well received with a spike in likes, comments and all round activity on those posts.”


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