The pop up shop that’s backing small business

Cloud St 2017

There’s no such thing as being too young, too busy or too late in your career to start a business. That’s why this year Xero’s celebrating entrepreneurs who’ve followed their own rules and why we’re helping them grow their business with Cloud St.

Cloud St will give these businesses the opportunity to set up shop at prime retail locations across Australia. Over the next few months we’ll discover their stories, experience their products and see how anything is possible.


The seachanger

Leaving behind a successful career and following your passion is often something we all just dream about. But Margie decided to do it, and Woodblock Cheese was born.

It all started with a baby cheddar at a local cheese-making course. Now Woodblock Cheese is a fully-fledged artisanal market. Showing that no matter where you’re at in your career, there’s always an opportunity to start something new and broaden the palette of cheese lovers across Australia.



Woodblock Cheese


Woodblock Cheese


The side hustler

Starting a business from scratch is daunting enough, but imagine doing it while having a full time job? Lisette didn’t let a little thing like no time stop her from sharing her passion for chocolate.

From humble beginnings as a self-taught chocolatier, the Treat Dreams team now makes dairy-free chocolate and tarts to tantalize taste buds across Australia. And Lisette still has that high-flying job in marketing too – amazing.



The young-prenuer

While Izzi was busy experimenting with her mum’s beauty products she noticed something, they weren’t designed for girls her age. While we might think it’s impossible for a 15 year old to do something about it, Izzi had other ideas.

She launched her own skincare brand, Luv Ur Skin. Designed especially for tweens, by a tween. Her age, her inexperience and her schoolwork didn’t get in the way of formulating a unique Australian made product that teens love.



Woodblock Cheese


Reflections on Cloud St 2016

From Brisbane to Melbourne, Cloud St 2016 has backed 5 local businesses by lifting their profile, helping grow their online presence and drive sales.


“We saw a huge lift in sales and definitely noticed a flow on effect on our online sales. For the week we made about $12,000 in-store, which is an amazing result.”

- Kerryn Moscicki, Radical YES!


What stands in the way of growing your business?

Technology is changing the way Australia does business. You can learn anything at the click of a button, websites can be set up overnight and products or services can be sold across the world. All from your laptop on the kitchen table. Whatever stage your business is at – see how online accounting software can help back your business success.

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